Professor at Singapore Management University, Logic Mills
developed and validated in an organization led by co-founder Mark Nowatsky
is the MIRMI game psychological test designed for 21st century learners
assessment of abilities: global, collaborative and factual intelligence
for the use of computer tools.
In particular, the methodology allows identifying people of different ages
to make effective decisions, to adapt to the environment or to the environment
ability to adapt to conditions, to solve problems that currently
are considered key in leading international evaluative research.
The toolkit developed by him, as a universal method for evaluating learning outcomes,
currently used both in Singapore and other countries.
In particular, the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute in Armenia
on the initiative of Yerevan schools, a survey of 5th grade students is being carried out
with participation.
The research is carried out in 2 stages: assessment of chess knowledge
and “MIRMI” gaming psychological test.
As a result of the research, the data obtained from the 2 phases will be combined and disclosed
correlation ties.

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