“Chess” Scientific Research Institute hosted Arkady Dvorkovich, candidate for FIDE (World Chess Federation) President, a former Deputy Prime Minister and a co-chair of the “Skolkovo” foundation board.The ASPU Rector Ruben Mirzakhanyan greeted Mr. Dvorkovich and emphasized the importance of the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute for the university where different specialists conduct joint researches.Rector highlighted the activity of Smbat Lputian in organizing international conferences, especially mentioning that a number of foreign partners of the university are interested in our experience of introducing chess in school curriculum.

Ruben Mirzakhanyan one more time underlined that chess has a dominant role in Armenia, and he expressed hope that achievements would be ongoing in this field.Director of “Chess” Scientific Research Institute, Chairman of Sports and Chess Department of ASPU, President of Armenian Chess Academy Smbat Lputian mentioned that the visit of Arkady Dvorkovich to “Chess” Scientific Research Institute was a great honor, and he presented the staff, activities and directions.He mentioned the directions of activities of sociologists, psychologists, methodologists and special education teachers, stressing out that not all the problems have been solved in that sphere.

Smbat Lputian highlighted the importance of sharing gained experience and research results with the countries that are interested in chess, also he underlined that there is a great number of people in Armenia who are interested in the “wise game”.Chairman of the scientific program of the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute Vahan Sargsyan presented the results of the chess education and effectiveness based on study results and emphasized the importance of teachers’ trainings. He also presented the necessity to introduce new educational technologies during the planning and teaching of the academic discipline and mentioned that the institute always analyzes the results.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the candidate for FIDE President, expressed his admiration for chess being wide spread and developed in our country; he assured that many countries can apply the experience of Armenian in this field.

Arkady Dvorkovich was wondering what category should the teacher possess to teach chess and why should chess be graded by criteria of other subjects of school. He had an opinion that chess is not a subject but a tool which can be evaluated by other grading system.During the meeting he got acquainted also with the results of the sociological surveys conducted by the institute, experience of introducing chess in educational system, implemented activities and future plans.

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