FIDE Chess in Education Commission (EDU) and ”Chess” Scientific Research Institute of ASPU are organizing an International online conference, entitled “Chess in Education”, which will be held on June 25-26, 2022 at 10 AM CET, via Zoom video conferencing.

Main courses of the conference:

Chess in education

  1. The Social and psychological aspects of chess:
  2. The methodology of Chess teaching and learning:
  3. Chess and pedagogical training issues
  4. Chess and inclusive education:
  5. Chess and the issues of gender-sensitive education:

Working languages of the conference are English and Russian. All attendees are required to register for the conference online via the following link:

The theses of the reports must be sent by May 1, 2022. The authors will be informed about the decision of the Organizational commission by the 23 of May, 2022.


  • in English or Russian
  • in electronic versions: the author is obliged to guarantee their compliance and provide the final copyright version
  • in Microsoft Office Word format
  • page size – A4
  • font – Times New Roman
  • links should be provided as footnotes, references – at the end of the article
  • font size for the text of the article – 12, for the footnotes – 10
  • line spacing for the text of the article – 1.3 cm, for the footnotes – 0.8,
  • preferable to have visual presentations (in any format including PPT, VIDEO…)․


  • should outline the general scope of the thesis
  • must be written in UPPERCASE, font size 14



  • Name (s), surname (s), the first letter of the authors’ names and surname must be in capital letters
  • The full name and postal address of each author’s workplace, organization,
  • Position, Scientific title and Academic degree
  • Email address and phone number.


  • should be 500-1000 words
  • should be informative, to the point and not contain general words and phrases
  • the thesis should describe the purpose, current state of the problem, indication of methodology
  • main results of the research, principal conclusion

The theses will be presented on the official conference website.

You can participate in one of listed formats:

  • Paper/Thesis submission (without oral presentation and attendance)
  • Paper/Thesis submission and attendance (attendance as a listener)
  • Paper/Thesis submission and oral presentation
  • Master Class or presentation of projects / courses (short description in the form of a thesis will be required) *
  • Round table discussions (brief description and justification of the proposed topic should be presented in 2 pages).

* After the approval of the thesis, the organizing committee will offer the authors to submit the material in one of the following formats for participation . video, ppt slides etc.

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