“Chess” Scientific Research Institute was founded in February 2018 by Ministry of Education and Science RA, Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, RA Chess Academy and Founder-President of  Armenian Chess Academy, GM Smbat Lputian. It is unique in the world of its kind and activity. The institute carries out researches on psychological, educational and sociological issues of chess education.

The goal of the institute is to highlight the educational value of chess subject in chess education in public schools, the cognitive abilities of the child through chess, the impact of chess education on the formation of the most important competencies of the 21st century student.
Our mission is to use the potential of chess education to improve the 21st century citizen’s educational achievements and qualitative indicators of his life.

Welcome to “Chess” Scientific Research Institute

The world is changing rapidly, and in all areas of education we are facing new challenges primarily in education, which determines which way we will go and which path will lead us in compliance with time.Working for many years in this direction, I came to the conclusion that chess is a great blessing for the society as it contributes to the formation of a thoughtful, creative, honest, struggling citizen.

Rapid development of high technologies in the 21st century raises certain problems for the development of children’s own thinking. Armenia is the first country in the world where chess was adopted as a mandatory subject in school. Employees of the Institute are aware of the responsibility and importance of the processes organized for the public. Based on the aforementioned motives, we initiated and organized the “Ches” ScientificResearch Institute  which is designed to explore and identify the most important educational, social and cultural values that emerge during the overall development of children.

Our research institute is always happy and open for cooperation.

                                                             Best regards   Smbat Lputian