Samvel Misakyan


Researcher at “Chess” Scientific Research Institute

Lecturer at Chair of Sports and Chess in ASPU


Scope of Academic Interests

 Chess teaching methodology and methods, fascinating math problems


2015 – present                Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU), Chair of   Age and Pedagogical Psychology  PhD student

1987 – 1985                   Postgraduate in “Haygyughmekenayatsum” Research and  Production Association

1978 – 1983                   Armenian Agricultural Institute, Mechanization Faculty, Chair  of Mechanics, Mechanical Engineer

1985 – 1987                      Marxism-Leninism University Philosophy Chair



2018 – present             “Chess” Scientific Research Institute – Researcher

2013 – present             Lecturer of Chair of Sports and Chess in ASPU named after  Kh. Abovyan

2014 -2018                  Researcher at the Chess Educational research center

2012 – present             Methodologist at the Chess Academy of Armenia

2001-2013                   Math teacher at Yerevan School N55 after Chekhov

2002-2002                   Teacher at Oshakan Secondary school

1991-1999                   Deputy Director, Director of M. Sebastatsi Educationa Complex  Ashtarak College

1983-1989                   Designer at “Haygyughmekenayatsum” Scientific and Production    Association


Languages                 Armenian, Russian, German

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