On December 1, the reporting online session of the FIDE Chess in Education Commission took place, which was chaired by Mr. Smbat Lputian, Chairman of the FIDE Chess in Education Commission, Director of the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute. During the discussion, the representatives of the commission member countries made reports, emphasizing the achieved scientific results, the existing problems and the possible solutions, the research directions planned for the next year.
Secretary of the Commission Kevin O’Connell spoke about the activities of the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute and the research activities carried out, in particular, the successful online training courses for chess teachers, the international training package developed by the Institute, etc.
The researchers of the Institute also participated in the online discussion.
At the end of the meeting, FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich thanked the commission, represented by S. Lputian, for effective cooperation.


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