On May 18, on the initiative of Smbat Lputian, Director of  “Chess” Scientific Research Institute and Chairman of FIDE Chess in Education Commisssion (EDU), an online discussion was held between the Institute’s researchers and FIDE Chairman and President Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of  FIDE Global Strategy Commission (GSC) Emil Sutovsky with the participation of the former chairman of the commission Kevin O’Connell.
Smbat Lputian greeted the participants of the discussion, presented the current and planned works of the Institute.
Vahan Sargsyan, Head of the Scientific Program of the Institute, presenting research directions, noted that even in these circumstances the research continues, and in parallel with that, large-scale online trainings for Armenian and Artsakh chess teachers are carried out.
FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich was interested in the methodological and technical bases of the trainings, and he offered to develop a package of technical requirements for organizing data collection process at the international level.
In response to the questions of A. Dvorkovich and E․ Sutovsky about the implemented works and scientific publications by the Institute, Srbuhi Ghorgyan, ASPU Academic Vice-Rector, member of the Institute’s board, mentioned the international periodicals in which the researchers’ articles were included, and also talked about the publicated collection of materials of the international conference held in Tsakhkadzor.
During the meeting, sociologists, psychologists and methodologists answered questions related to their fields of activity.
At the end of the meeting, FIDE representatives thanked for an interesting and sapid discussion.
Director of the Institute Smbat Lputian and researchers stessed out the importance of this kind of  meetings to ensure the effectiveness of joint work in chess education.

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