A working meeting was held at the ASPU “Chess” Scientific Research Institute on June 3. The meeting was also attended by ASPU Rector Srbuhi Gevorgyan and Vice-Rector for Education and Science Mariam Ispiryan.

The discussion addressed the research directions of the Institute which were presented by Vahan Sargsyan, Head of Scientific Program of “Chess” Scientific Research Institute.

The latter spoke about the main achievements of the Institute, the gaps and presented the possible challenges and ways to overcome them. He particularly dwelt on internationalization of research, evidence on the effectiveness of chess teaching, acquisition and use of scientific tools, international and compulsory training.

Vahan Sargsyan said a number of studies and research have been conducted recently, which prove that chess training has strong influence.

In the context of self-assessment, he pointed out the weaknesses of the work: transfer of knowledge, training of teachers, development of the methods for integrated teaching of the discipline, market research, involvement of teachers in research, chess teaching with a variety of equipment.

Vahan Sargsyan also spoke about the interaction between chess and various fields, highlighted the social and psychological studies of Chess and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, cooperation with military academies and penitentiary institutions, study and introduction of international experience in research, development and evaluation of effectiveness of game, interactive and project methods in teaching chess.

His speech was followed by a professional discussion, with the institute presenting the attendees the results of their studies and research, methods, and proposing solutions to the issues in the field.

Smbat Lputyan, Director of the “Chess” Scientific Research Institute, also emphasized the importance of such meetings saying they help focus on priority issues. He is sure that united work can be useful and effective for the future.

ASPU Rector Srbuhi Gevorgyan spoke about the changes taking place in the field of education, social problems, and assured everybody that they are ready to support the institute: the university emphasizes the availability of effective tools, software and expects a new quality research, she stressed.

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