The guest of “Chess” Scientific Research Institute was Konstantin Yenkoyan who is the vice-rector of science of the State Medical University after M. Heratsi, professor of the Department of biochemistry. During the discussion, a decision was made to establish joint research direction to identify the impact of chess on children with developmental disabilities, emphasizing autism.
The vice-rector mentioned that the information is currently openly available on the Internet, but “it is not knowledge”, added the expert of education Serob Khachatryan.” That information should be transformed to the knowledge and be used”. Dean of ASPU Faculty of Special and inclusive education S. Karapetyan and Head of the international cooperation of ASPU M. Harutyunyan mentioned that after the current meeting, in collaboration with S. Lputian, professional meeting-discussions would be initiated, and the purpose and objectives of the research would be clarified. Director of the Institute S. Lputian expressed his gratitude for cooperation and added that the research is promising and interesting.

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